Focus. An Experimental Film.

For this project the brief was pretty open. In turn I made it my aim to create an abstract film, that dealt with a message communicated visually, through images and text. There were many themes that came to light, however, I settled on Focus because it would allow for the most interpretation and experimentation.

Playing with the idea of focus in multiple mediums, became my next step. Using an out of focus, bokeh-enhancing, setup on my Canon 550D + 18-55mm, f/ 3.5 lens I was able to produce a large set of clips on different light sources. Once the video assets were compiled, I then set to work building a soundtrack from multiple tracks, Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 and Soundcloud remixes of two Mozart works. Finally, I pulled together a short prose piece that had two messages embedded, which would span the length of the video

Compositing was done in After Effects, along with colour grading via Red Giant's Looks. I also used Red Giant's Soundkeys to partially control the styling based on a certain part of the soundwave spectrum. The final result was engineered with the use of loops, rapid acceleration of the video clips, and a duel for attention between the visuals and the prose. It's time for the audience to Focus.

Progress Pictures

Slide 1

One of the blown out sequences

Slide 2

Tying the prose bits together

Slide 3

Rare frame of in-focus footage

Slide 4

Working in Looks to develop the style

Slide 5

Soundkeys helped add another layer of warping and style

Slide 6

Focus. An Experimental Film.