Eclipse: Gesture App

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Startup and Face Recognition Scanning

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User Recognized and Home Screen

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Important App Gestures

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TV Access and Live TV

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Channel Surfing and Minimize + Live Pause

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Recorded Access and Scheduled Recordings

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Movies Access and Library Browsing

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Movie Selection and Viewing

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Music Access and Library Browsing

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Album Selection and Music Player

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Album Track Listing and Photo Access

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Photo Album Browsing and Album Selection

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Photo and Video Viewer

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The Eclipse gesture application mock-up was created as an answer to a brief about a fictional tablet product, which had in-built hand gesture and facial recognition. The brief asked for the mock-up of an app that made best use of the in-built features, and working as a team, my partner Bhanu Prakash and I, chose to rework the way media and TV are interacted with.

The UI design work was done mainly in Illustrator, consisting of logo, icons, cursor and other element creation. Our gesture application, Eclipse makes fine use of the in-built gesture support. Our app was proposed to help users control their TV viewing, recording and media libraries using a single application that will connect TV and tablet on startup, and mirror the tablet's display

Apart from working on the UI development, I also helped create a animated example of how the app would work when being used, and I'm in the process of integrating that into a faux commerical for the application. The example was created entirely in After Effects, using the elements Bhanu and I made in Illustrator.