Compassly: Web App

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Loading Screen

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Home Screen

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Error message if nothing is selected

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Captain Kirk on the 'Awesomeness Slider'

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Now, if Captain Kirk were selected...

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This is where the magic happens

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If you're lucky, a happy ending

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If not, you're going to be fish food

The project came about as the fruit of a brief related to developing a web app concept based on languages like JS or HTML5. My submission was an early form of Compassly, named Surprise Me!

The idea of the app was to create a socio-geographic game of discovering where your friends are and the places they're in by point your smartphone in a direction and hitting the 'Surprise Me' button. Based on the 'Awesomeness Slider' a range of distances could be chosen, to transport the user to another part of the world, and discover friends and places when he or she arrived

Since then, I have built upon the concept in my own time and have done more research into developing a working prototype of this project in some way or form, eventually. Fun Fact: Considering that the world is covered in a majority of water, I intend to create numerous result screens and sound effects for when a user lands in an ocean or sea.