Apple: Experimental Interview

The idea to interview an apple came about when a brief was proposed to conduct an interview with an interesting subject, to learn the nuances of interview preparation, filming and editing. Since this brief was given in the experimental video module, I chose to interview an odd subject, yet treat them as normal person.

The thought of using an apple in particular, stemmed from the fact that I wanted to interview something that everyone would recognize instantly, but be puzzled by the way it spoke and what it talked about, as if it were a regular person. Hence, I chose to subtly refer to its existence as an fruit, and focus more on its daily life, goals and dreams.

The filming was done with my Canon 550D + 18-55mm f/3.5 setup, with editing in Premiere Pro and colour grading in After Effects. Voicing of both the interviewer and the apple, was done by me after an extensive time spend deciding on the voice for the apple. I went through over six options before finally settling on a child-like voice that I felt, best fit the apple's size.

Progress Pictures

Slide 1

Raw stopmotion image

Slide 2

Raw stopmotion image

Slide 3

Raw stopmotion image

Slide 4

Raw stopmotion image

Slide 5

Raw stopmotion image

Slide 6

Raw stopmotion image

Slide 7

Apple voiceover adjustments

Slide 8

Final editing and sound syncing