Alternate Film Festival Ident

This project was initiated during my Experimental Film module at Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore. I was to come up with an experimental video ident for a film festival titled 'Alternate'. The final result was an entirely motion graphics driven ident, playing with the idea of ALT, an alternative name and identity.

Initially I toyed with many ideas that combined different mediums including paint, water, glass among others. Over time though, an idea formulated around taking an everyday object and letting it tell the story in an unusual way. With this approach in mind, I decided to go with an all digital route as it allowed me the most freedom, and would be a bigger challenge, since I was relatively new to motion graphics.

The project was created entirely in After Effects, with help from the Sure Target 2.0 plugin. Since AE doesn't fully support the construction of 3D models, I came up with a workaround that paired 6 squares to a central point, allowing me to form a cube. This formed the base element of my project, enabling me to move forward with the alternative typographic formation of the film festival title 'Alt'. Due to time constraints the final video had to be created, edited and composited in one day.

Progress Pictures

Slide 1

3D Cube workaround in AE

Slide 2

Editing the comps

Slide 3

Using Sure Target 2.0

Slide 4

Using null controllers to control movement

Slide 5

Motion-blur was used to amplify the tone

Slide 6

Final reveal for 'Alternate' Film Festival