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The Portfolio

Dedicated and curious, expressive, yet functional.
This describes my work & attitude towards projects.
User experience is king in my design process.
As well as attention to detail (fluff) & creating lasting impacts.
Perfectionism has its place, but so does pragmatism.

It's Me, Aaron!

Curiosity is a powerful motivator.
In design it means exploration.
Whether it be of a client or an audience.
Understanding both is of utmost importance.
So, let me start the conversation!

  • Experience
  • Across the board
  • Freelance
  • SSPL
  • RMIBLR Continuum '12
  • Fountainhead Digital
  • Founder of Studio Quad
  • RMIBLR Fashion Show
  • Fastrack
  • Speciality Areas
  • Ranked!
  • Web Design & Front-End Development
  • User Interface & User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Wordpress & Social Media
  • Video & Post Production
  • Tech Skills
  • Power User
  • Sublime Text 3, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, EventGhost
  • HTML 5, CSS3 (& Sass), Javascript, jQuery, Markdown
  • Bootstrap, Foundation, CLIs (Grunt, Bower), GitHub
  • Proficient
  • InDesign, MaxMSP, Processing, Fireworks
  • CLIs (Guard, Node.js, Git)
  • Interests
  • What makes me tick
  • Digital/Tech: Automation, Apps, Hacking
  • Games: FPS, RTS, RPG, ARTS, Retro
  • Movies: Comedy, Thriller, Horror, Classics
  • Food: Desserts, Mediterranean, Asian, Italian
  • Music: Punk Rock, Twee-Pop, Electronica, Indie
  • Novels: Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi

Why, hello there!

I think it would be great if we connect, don't you?
Over the net or in person, let's design together!
If you'd like to, mail me via the form below.
Tweet @aaron_khare or visit me on LinkedIn.
Oh, and here's my resume.

Drop me a line!

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